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, and medicare and my insurance covered the cost. we can work directly with medicare or with your insurance company. we can even help with financing. if there's a way, we'll find it! so don't wait any longer, call the scooter store today. >> shepard: food, water and medicine as we've reported are start to arrive in haiti but you have to get it to the people who need t2 or 3 million need it. relief workers making their way through the streets difficult to 1/2 game haiti has few road and some are blocked -- well, i'm not going to read this. in some areas it's difficult to get through but our reporters have all said it's possible to get by. the copy says it's blocked by bodies. that's not true. there's one picture of one human -- bit of human remains in the road covered by boxeses. it's not everywhere. look at this, there's some organizations. the haitian president said he's sharing grief for the victims and gratitude for the help. >> i'm very upset because a lot of people died, a lot of people are suffering and i'm very sad because my country is in great difficulty. but i'm very happy also to
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medicare to create new programs. we don't need $500 billion in new taxes to reform healthcare. there's a chance for the republican party and democrat party to find common sense solutions. i highway hope we'll meet them . >> the polls suggest that the people believe that the government is still broken and i guess there's a political equation that says for the party out of power that, works well but you don't want them to think that. what can you do to give the perception and get the government working again. >> start with healthcare and see if we induce climate and energy. find way to become energy independent and look at immigration, border security. we tried on social security and failed, we tried on healthcare and failed. we tried on immigration and failed. we're running out of the opportunities as a nation to try hard and fail. we need to solve some problems and i think i've demonstrated the ability to reach across the aisle and meet them halfway. that never happened in healthcare. >> thank you. >> so far most indications are the name of the game tonight is jobs. the but key to re
and homeland security will not be touched. same for social security. medicare and medicaid. this afternoon, on the east coast, the white house press secretary robert gibbs tried to explain how our government would try to save our tax dollars. >> we're investing in what it important to invest in, we're cutting in to programs that outlived their usefulness and need to be cut. again, that's what a family does. that's what the government should begin to do. >> but this is washington so we will argue about it. not everybody's onboard. critics are out in force. major garrett is live at the white house, this broke during fox report last night. somebody else broke the embargo. >> we won't get into that. >> the left is mad, the right is mad. who is not mad at the white house? >> look, the white house is probably willing and i know for a fact it's willing to have a fight with the leral left to suggest independent voters to strayed away he's serious about dealing with the deficit. congressional democrats oppose it saying they don't want to are do you say federal spending but they're afraid it would c
the medicare expansion in hopes of pass ago somewhat more centrist formula. >> shepard: how do you see the last hour? there's a huge push from everywhere campaigning. >> what is naturing is the nrsc, the national republican, beltway republicans, are hands off. lots of people from around the country will help scott brown but the central headquarters here in washington is publicly taking a hands-off approach. any money is flowing quietly. the best thing they can do is have no active role in the campaign. >> shepard: why do you say that? >> diddespite the it's a local issue here. >> so the issues which have galvanized republicans nationally, pushed back from the president, the tea party organizing crowd, you're saying that's not a big influence. that is an anti than a fore? >> it's a antidemocratic. let's balance the ticket feel. there's a tea party movement in massachusetts. >> no question. >> right, but the -- but the fact is really this is about swing voters saying, you know what? obama, this is going too far and i'm willing to push back and provide balance. >> shepard: i have to go but carl ca
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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